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Choosing Bad Boys to Heal Past Lives

Diary of a Healer #3, by Annie Bond

For your romantic relationships, do you find yourself drawn to brilliant, ambitious men or women who have a lot of emotional baggage? Are you attracted to this type over and over again, even compulsively?

Two female clients recently have both sought brilliant, emotionally wounded men as partners. Seeking the type of men who resemble James Dean or Ernest Hemingway. They date this type of personality exclusively, and for one, even marrying . There is a charge for them in this type of man, and romantic relationships that don’t include this component have fallen flat. 

One can swap out man/woman/they for any of the pronouns; the pattern is the same.

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How A Soul Retrieval Healed Panic Attacks

Diary of a Healer #2, by Annie Bond

Clammy hands. Pounding heart. Alarm bells throughout your body. If any of you have had panic attacks, you know how disabling and scary they can be.

Worried that his paralyzing panic attacks were threatening his relationship with his girlfriend, my client, John, came to me as he thought I might be able to help. He was working hard on his issues in therapy, as well.

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Cutting The Cords that Bind You

Diary of a Healer #1, by Annie Bond

Does a raised eyebrow from a loved one make your stomach clench? Or does a frown from a coworker compel you to change course when it might not be in your best interest? If so, you have been “corded” with energy, and the cord is being tugged. A cord, as it appears in energy healing, is etheric emotional energy between two people that tends to reflect an entangled codependency of some sort.

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Chakra Chart

Chakras are specific centers in our energy body and they coincide with, and hold, emotions that resonate with different stages of our consciousness. They are vortexes of energy that hold all the traumas of our journey and their flow can be blocked as a result. They are also connected to our central nervous system and spine. Ultimately, our chakras are our place to integrate our life of Spirit and living in the 3D world on the planet. As this integration increases and more trauma (and karma) has been cleared, the more flow we are in our lives. The chart, below, can help you navigate your own journey towards being in better flow by understanding the stages of spiritual growth as represented by this brilliant design of our energy body.

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Becoming a Vehicle of Light

Your hands can turn very hot when you “run” light in hands-on energy healing. Like a furnace. Sometimes your hands are very cold. You yourself feel like a conduit in a circuit of light, as you channel the flow of light from the stars and beyond, through you, to the person on the healing table. You become one with the flow of your energy body.

People frequently say to me that they don’t have the healing gift. My experience is that this is only because they don’t have the tools for turning on their own vehicle of light, their energy body. Opening up the channels to their energy body, their own vehicle of light, will open this “gift.”

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