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Heal a Part of Yourself that Needs Healing

Healing the inner child is often a matter of healing your inner children. This meditation has an incredible gift for that healing in that it connects to your own soul to give the healing, the part of you that knows you better than you know yourself, and loves you more than you could ever love yourself.

This is a very powerful meditation. Once you start you may be called by many of your inner children over the next few days. Pay attention as they may be very quiet.

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HeartMind Healer School

The centerpiece of becoming a good healer is being in “heart mind,” that still point where your ego is still and your personality is out of the way so that you can be a true channel of healing. This still point is what Yogi Bhajan called “Shuniya,” and a most elevated state of consciousness.

The top priority of my teaching students to become healers is to help them reach heart mind.  I focus on this rigorously, thoroughly and consistently. If not in heart mind when giving a healing, then the ego and personality inserts lower vibration insights and dictums.

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The Trinity Activations and Scans

The Divine Mother

Divine Mother healings are based on energy healing techniques but go further, to incorporate a person’s own master healer, their Soul. Calling this energy of the person their “Divine Mother,” I work with sound and energy, while always at the direction of their Soul. I have identified the Divine Mother this way because of how the energy feels: the experience of love, deep understanding and nurturance from one’s soul is profound.

It is a thrill to introduce The Trinity Activations, a technique that evolved from the context of this work and is resulting in powerful and alchemical transformation from the person’s Divine Mother, Divine Father, and Divine Child.

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Space Clearing. What is it and Why is it Important?

Land is a record keeper. It faithfully records all the vibrations, frequencies, and imprints of whatever has occurred upon it. The land on which a building rests has its history recorded in every rock, canyon and brook. Buildings are record keepers in much the same way. The vibrations of the human energies and activities in the building, and in the making of the building, will be held in the space energetically.

Many vibrations found in the land and in a building are very beneficial. Others are imbalanced, disharmonious and distorted.

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About Chakra Workshops

I first began to understand that we hold energy in our bodies when I started yoga, years ago. Every time I went into a specific position I was overwhelmed with grief for my father, who had died 10 years before!

One thing led to another and I tried to figure out how to remove painful experiences, as I knew I carried a lot. I doubled down to take some serious energy and sound healing schools and emerged to believe relief from suffering can be had by clearing out one’s chakras.

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