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The Trinity Activations and Scans

The Divine Mother

Divine Mother healings are based on energy healing techniques but go further, to incorporate a person’s own master healer, their Soul. Calling this energy of the person their “Divine Mother,” I work with sound and energy, while always at the direction of their Soul. I have identified the Divine Mother this way because of how the energy feels: the experience of love, deep understanding and nurturance from one’s soul is profound.

It is a thrill to introduce The Trinity Activations, a technique that evolved from the context of this work and is resulting in powerful and alchemical transformation from the person’s Divine Mother, Divine Father, and Divine Child.

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Chemo and the Chakras

If you have witnessed or experienced the suffering caused by chemotherapy, you know the horror of a treatment that all but kills, even as it saves. Among other challenges, with chemotherapy the immune system can become so fully depleted that it can’t fight against its own pathogens. Yet, without chemotherapy, called “chemo,” for short, loved ones would no longer be with us, and there wouldn’t be the same number of survivors reading these words. We can only feel grateful, but I am sure that in 50 years we will look back at chemo as a barbaric act. Given the suffering the treatment entails, it is upon us to find ways to ease its side effects where we can.

As an “energy healer” with almost two decades of experience with modalities such as One Light Healing Touch, Reiki,and sound healing with crystal singing bowls, I’ve worked with clients who have come through the ravages of chemotherapy. And radiation.

I’ve seen a consistent and surprising need in chemotherapy and radiation survivors: their chakras need a pranic reboot.

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