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A Healing Center with Annie Bond

The Divine Mother Modality Healing Center is about the energy healing work of Annie Bond. She connects to her clients on a soul level, to the energy she calls The Divine Mother of the person, and facilitates the healing by assisting the soul of the person, using energy and sound healing techniques amassed over 20 years of healing exploration (see her trainings, below). The Center also offers a HeartMind Healing School and many workshops and retreats.

Healing modalities from all over the world have looked to balancing the male and female/yin and yang energies as the greatest healing modality of all. This alchemy births the healed authentic self and can even bring complete transformation. Annie will activate your soul’s own divine trinity of the healed mother, father and child energies, to wash your chakras in balance and light.

“Words can’t begin to express the actual healing experience,” writes a cancer patient of Annie Bond’s. “But, it is an out-of-body experience where I feel very safe, protected and filled with warmth and love.” Another adds, “I experience Annie Bond as an extraordinary healer who taps into the primordial, the innate worlds and brings their healing energies into my physical, emotional, and mental bodies with a genius the likes of which I have seldom, if ever encountered.”

When she delves into her healing center, Annie Bond goes to a deep sacred space and emanates light and love, with what clients have observed is the most selfless, totally serving energy.  She has been told that she is fearless in perceiving truth and radiates pure cosmic healing vision and insights that touch the receiver and help them manifest their greatest potential and path to their own connection to themselves and the divine.

Annie notes, “I knew after my first few trainings that energy healing was a calling of mine, that it helped me enter a dimension that I understood in my cells. Not the spiritual trappings, but seeing human suffering as it showed up in the body energetically, seeing the emotional wounds that play havoc in a person’s life. Neurosis and trauma showed up to me as an energetic blueprint, and I kept studying until I gained a toolbox for how to transmute it.“

The Divine Mother healings are a unique practice that Annie has developed from almost two decades of energy healing work. She connects to a person’s infinite soul – their own Divine Mother – and holds the space for this energy to clear long-held energy blocks and damage to allow the increase of prana, or chi, to flow. As a result clients feel a sense of renewal and energy that can be very profound. The healings work with the chakras, central channel, and broader pranic field, including the torus. Here’s what you can expect in a healing with Annie.

Like many healers, Annie B. Bond came to the work while on her own healing quest. In the process she learned that spiritual healing was the key to truly healing herself. She has trained in a number of healing traditions and tailors her healings to an individual’s needs, including with sound (with singing bowls, rattles, and voice). She is also a national expert on the toxic-free lifestyle and the award-winning and best-selling author of a five books, most recently True Food (National Geographic, 2010). She works from Rhinebeck, NY, in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

Annie B. Bond’s Certificates/Diplomas in Energy and Sound Healing Work

  • Dragon Lines six-day Kundalini Medicine Module #1 with Guru Dharam, 2017
  • The Medicine Buddha emission from H. H. the 17th Karmapa 2015
  • Kundalini Yoga, Darkness to Light Training with Alli Hutchins : 2014-2015
  • The Order of Melchizedek ordination; May 2014
  • Chenrezik (Compassion) Empowerment from H.H. the 17th Karmapa 2011
  • Realization Training, Subtle Self Work with Judith Blackstone, Part I: 2009
  • Prima Birthing Practitioner, Derek O’Neill//SQ-Wellness: 2008
  • Sound Healers Association Healing Sounds Intensive: 2008
  • The Gems of Excellence Tap Touch Course I, II: 2008
  • Rising Star Practitioner, Derek O’Neill/SQ-Wellness: 2007
  • Sound Healers Training with Zacciah Blackburn: 2005
  • One Light Healing Touch Masters Training Course: 2004
  • One Light Healing Touch Basic Training: 2003
  • Reiki Master: 2001
  • Reiki Second Degree: 2000
  • Reiki First Degree: 1999

For more about Annie’s green lifestyle and media work, see her work on anniebbond.com, thetruefind.com, and bondifymedia.com.

The photo of Annie, above, was taken at 11:11:11 on 11/11/2011 at Angkor Wat, Seam Reap, Cambodia, by her daughter Lily Berthold-Bond.


Annie B. Bond, Healing Master

“I experience Annie Bond as an extraordinary healer who taps into the primordial, the innate worlds and brings their healing energies into my physical, emotional, and mental bodies with a genius the likes of which I have seldom, if ever encountered.”  – Lois Walden



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