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Energy healing is a form of alternative medicine that works with the vibratory field of a person’s whole being, using sound, color, prana, and running chi energy through the hands.

Healings with Annie are based on energy healing techniques but go further, to incorporate your own master healer, your soul. Calling this energy the person’s “Divine Mother,” Annie works with sound and energy, while always at the direction of your soul. By tapping into this energy you meet your most authentic self, and can unravel many mysteries about your soul’s mission and gifts.

You’ll have a chakra scan and a clairvoyant reading with the balancing of your energy body, opening the flow of healing from your soul to help untangle emotional blueprints so that you can emerge into your true and authentic nature. Keys to healing are unique for each person.

You will also receive The Trinity Activations in each chakra, healing energy from the healed mother and  the healed father. This is where alchemy happens, a spark of light that births the healed, divine child within our physical reality. We become whole, true to who we really are.

You can learn about what to expect from a healing by reading her blog, What to Expect in a Divine Mother Healing.

You schedule all healings with Annie, and you can email her at anniebbond @ gmail.com or call 845-876-4252. Consider her The HeartMind Energy Healing School.

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Through her healings, Annie facilitates:

  • Learning the attributes of your own soul; meeting your own Divine Mother
  • The Trinity Activations (Divine Mother, Divine Father, Divine Child in each chakra)
  • Removal of energy blocks from trauma
  • Clairvoyant chakra reading
  • Resolution of past lives
  • Soul retrievals
  • Increased flow of prana and harmony to chakras
  • Healing the spiritual root of illness
  • Channeled soul wisdom
  • Healing of stress and internal conflict
  • Rejuvenating energy of the body to its optimal state
  • Recovery of life force after chemotherapy
  • Moving through loss and transiti
  • Space Clearing (call Annie for estimates)

A clairvoyant, Annie “sees” a wide array of issues: Inner children, past lives, neurosis, disease, blocked chakras, the need for soul retrievals, black/stuck energy, clear and healed chakras, the need for prana to be rebooted in the chakras (very common after chemotherapy, some disease and pharmaceuticals), depleted and even caved in energy, broken hearts, loss and anxiety. She also sees grace and harmony, peace and sanctity. Every Divine Mother healing is different, and all are beautiful. She believes that it is always a privilege to work with people on this energetic level.



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**Rhinebeck Office: 72 Old Farm Road, Rhinebeck, NY 12572
**NYC – Second and Fourth Thursday of every month at Moving Body Resource, 112 West 27th St. #402, NY NY 10001
**Boston, Skin to Soul, Third Tuesday and Wednesday of every month.
**Great Barrington, MA – by appointment

**Distance – FaceTime (845-943-8880)or Skype   (Annie B Bond; anniebbond)


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Distance Healings via Skype or FaceTime: 

You first Skype or FaceTime together, then Annie does the healing from her healing room, and  afterwards reconnects on Skype or FaceTime.  She sends scans on email, and a VoiceRecord about the healing for Skype. (If the meeting is on FaceTime Annie can’t record the discussion on the VoiceRecord app.)



“The crystal singing bowls demonstrate the truly manifold possibilities for healing through vibratory sound. Our body-mind systems are “retuned” by the bowl sounds, and the effects can be physical, psychological, spiritual, or all three at once.” – Mitchell L.Ganor, M.D. Oncologist

Space Clearing

Read Annie’s post about space clearing, here.

Each situation is different, so call or email for a quote. AnnieBBond @ Gmail.com – or 845-876-4252



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