Upcoming 2017 Workshops by Annie Bond & Others


Thinking of becoming a healer? Learn more about The HeartMind Healer School!

Explore the possibilities of becoming a healer yourself! Contact teacher Annie Bond  at anniebbond @ for a demonstration of the divine mother modality, and/or to answer all of your questions!

You can learn about the school, experience your own divine mother/infinite soul, and receive a complimentary healing (the cost will be deducted from your tuition if you take the school).

Learn more about the school from the brochure.


Seven Month Chakra Clearing Series

This Seven Month Chakra Series will take you on a powerful journey through each of your chakras, leading to clearing, healing, transformation and increased vibrancy. This deep dive to learn about each chakra is for those interested in spiritual growth and practitioners, alike.

Starting with the first chakra in January 2017, the series will explore each in consecutive order, ending with the seventh chakra in July.

Chakras are vortexes of energy that connect our spiritual and physical selves, and they carry the blueprint of our destiny. The energy of the challenges we have had in life, back to when we were born–or even further, to past lives that have yet to be resolved –are held in our chakras.

To perceive what is happening in a chakra is to have an entryway into the storyline of one’s spiritual and emotional journey. Each chakra characterizes different aspects of spiritual growth, from fundamental aspects of feeling safe on the planet, to relationships, to the most exalted connection to the All That Is.

Read more about the workshop in my blog, here.

Taught by noted chakra healer, Annie Bond.


July 19th, Seventh Chakra

LAST in a series covering all seven chakras over seven months. Note that Annie will start the next seven chakra seires over seven months starting in September.

* * WHAT: Workshop
** WHEN: July 19th, 6:30 – 9:00
** WHERE: Annie’s Meditation Room
** COST: $20
** RSVP: 845-876-4252 anniebbond @

Chakra Makeups Classes

7th Chakra Makeup

Monday, July 31st from 6:30 – 9:00pm


June 27th, 2nd Chakra

The 4th Tuesday of every month, 6:30-9pm

2nd Chakra, and the second  in a series covering all seven chakras over seven months.

* * WHAT: Workshop, 2nd of seven
** WHEN: June 27th, 6:30 – 9:00
** WHERE: Crystal Essence,39 Railroad St
Great Barrington, MA 01230
** COST: Reg price $26
** RSVP: 413.528.2595


Starting in August


Birthing Into Your Authentic Self

July 26th, in NYC

Introduction to the Divine Mother Work

Come learn about this unique healing modality, which brings harmony and balance by having you receive healing from your own master healer, your infinite soul. The infinite soul of a person is identified by Annie as their “Divine Mother” because of how the energy feels: The experience of love, deep understanding and nurturance from one’s soul is profound. Working with someone’s soul gives a complete understanding of the all that is about the person. Learn More

* * WHAT: Introductory Workshop
** WHEN: July 26th, 6:30pm-8:30pm
** WHERE: The Edgar Cayce Center, 153 West 27th Street, #702, N.Y.C.
** COST: $30; members $25
** RSVP:212-691-7690

Balance Yin and Yang in Your Chakras

July 29th

Light up and repair your energy body with a powerful journey through each of your chakras, from your earth star, below, to your soul star, above. We’ll activate the energy of yin and yang, one of the greatest healing modalities of all, to bring clearing, healing, transformation, and increased vibrancy. We will work experientially with sound, visualization, color and meditation.

* * WHAT: Workshop
** WHEN: July 29th; 11am -12:30pm
** WHERE: Stable Gate Farm and Winery, 10 Linda Way, Castleton-on-Hudson, New York 12033
** COST: $20 donation
** RSVP: (518) 265-5133 info@

 In the PAST:

2016 The Divine Mother Healer School.

For the 2017 Healer School link here.

Chakra Clearing Weekend Retreat Weekend in Sedona

Chakra Clearing Retreat Day! Workshop at The Edgar Cayce Center

Annie has also presented workshops at  Metta Center for Conscious Living, Red Hook, NY; Winter Sun/Summer Moon, Rhinebeck, NY; Sage Academy of Sound Energy, Woodstock, NY; Anahata Yoga, Kingston, NY; Crystal Essence, Great Barrington, MA; Stable Gate Winery, Castleton-on-Hudson, NY.; Izlind, in Rhinebeck, NY.  Bern Richards presented a workshop on white feather healing.

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