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Who is Your Divine Mother?

ball of energy

So that we don’t get bogged down on semantics right from the start, when I say I work with your Divine Mother, I am not speaking of a religious icon, nor the cosmic Divine Mother, but your personal infinite soul, the source of all things about you. The one that goes through all of your lifetimes with you (if you believe in that) and is you at your highest essence.

The reason I call this energy that of your Divine Mother is simply because of how the energy feels: loving, all-embracing, and as nurturing as any energy could possibly be, an energy that seems to want nothing more than to bring healing to you. I have found that working with a person’s Divine Mother brings profound healing to them, especially by clearing the flow of prana.

I apologize in advance for this post being so long, but I receive many questions about this exact question, “Who is Your Divine Mother,” and I want to do my best to elucidate.

Note that when I say I “see” things that are not generally available to the naked eye, I refer to a gift I have of clairvoyant vision.

How I Learned About the Energy

The day my father died, many years ago, my family and I convened where he lived, my childhood home. Sitting in the living room the next afternoon, where he spent most of his time, I saw and felt a ball of light hanging about one foot from the ceiling. It was 2-3 feet around.

The light simply emanated my father’s highest nature. He was a sensitive humanist as a man, and that essence shone through, as did his being a person in service to the highest ideals of humanity. There was no doubt in my mind that the ball of light was uniquely him.

Piercing through the shock and grief, I was stunned and touched to the heart by this energy – both sensing him at his most perfected, but also my having such a visceral experience of it. (I hesitate to call the ball of light an apparition, since it wasn’t at all wraith-like, but felt coherent, richly palpable and almost golden.) I also had a deep intuitive knowing that this energy was my father’s soul. It was his Divine essence. I never forgot the experience.

Twenty-eight years later, I’ve experienced more death. I’ve been with the bodies of loved ones, with pets after they have died. The striking similarity has been that they are totally “gone,” even though their body has remained. Not a spark of their essence is there. Each time, I’ve thought of the ball of light in the living room after my father died, and thought to myself that these loved ones’ souls had left their bodies completely and were now some sort of coherent energy somewhere else.

In the fall of 2014, and after 17 years of training and occasional work as an energy and sound healer, I was awakened on a full moon night being given a “healing” unlike I had ever received. An energy was touching me with more compassion, understanding, acknowledgement and nurturance than I had ever experienced. The “energy” had an intelligence and knew very personal things about me. It exhibited sensitivity and tenderness for some of my own personal suffering that was very profound. I felt completely understood. Embraced. Supported.

Having eventually fallen asleep, I awoke the next morning with the night’s experience on my mind, and thought to myself, “That must have been The Divine Mother! Who else could it have been?” Not that I particularly knew who the Divine Mother was, but that is how it felt. I still was embraced in a profoundly nurturing energy that understood completely who I was.

Divine mother healingA few months later, I was part of a healing exchange and wondered if maybe I could call in The Divine Mother for my colleague? See if she could experience what I did? As I successfully did so, I realized I was “seeing” and feeling the same type of energy I saw in the essence of my father as a ball of light. I realized that what I was calling The Divine Mother was that person’s divine infinite soul, the source of all things about the person.

In this case, the energy was that of the woman I was working with, with her unique qualities and nuance. This was her own Divine Mother, or infinite soul, and had a visionary quality with a piercing yet kind perception of where to bring healing that was very focused. Her energy was strong and powerful.

I was able to tell her the qualities of her Divine self, her own Divine Mother. This was very meaningful for her. I also taught her how to call in my Divine Mother, and I felt the same nurturing energy that completely understood me, that I had felt on the full moon. I “saw” the ball of light over the table, and in this instance it was my highest potential.

Divine Mother Healings

Since then, word of mouth has taken off about this Divine Mother work as the results are so remarkable. I have met dozens of Divine Mothers, found each client’s unique light, all adding up to meeting their Divine self, their Akashic Records, their soul, their soul signature. All are luminous.

By activating the relationship between people and this, their highest energy, people are finding extremely personalized and deep healing. They feel authenticated and witnessed, and they gain confidence and direction. Synchronicities increase and they find themselves more and more on their highest life path. Over and over I have found that when our soul is turned to our human form to bring healing, the result is profound. The Divine Mother energy almost always works on the subtle body, especially the sushumna, torus (see a great picture, here) and chakra centers.

One man in particular makes me think of how meeting his Divine Mother was authenticating for him. He was in the military and had a number of troops under his watch. His beautiful Divine Mother was at essence the light of compassion, touched with analytical precision. His healing was breathtaking (as all are, in their different ways). In talking with him after the healing, he told me how he used a lot of tough love because his compassion made him want his troops to survive and he was always conjuring up ways – in a very analytical way – of succeeding at this. He finds he acts compassionately in his professional work as well, and he realized what an asset it was. As a result of this meeting he honored this part of himself and has been embodying analytically compassionate approaches more and more. Neurosis has fallen away.

In another case there was a confirmation about the harmony of a relationship. One Divine Mother was full of Grace and the other had the energy of a benevolent king. What a beautiful synergy between those two.

divine mother healingI’ve met a few Divine Mothers that have energy like Michelangelo’s Pieta. They bring tender devotion to all around them. Another was a pollinator of golden light on the planet. One was like a buttercup in a field, simply bringing a lovely light to all around them. I’ve seen a few Divine Mothers who are like Bodhisattvas. Another was of expanded consciousness, like Buddha. All are in service.

Once the connection to their Divine Mother is activated, people take off in many positive ways. Rapid spiritual growth isn’t always easy, but almost all report increased abundance on many fronts as they naturally heal trauma and emotional conflicts. I teach them how to call in their own Divine Mother, too, and many will call Her in every day, just as I do. It is a rare day that I don’t, and my life has blossomed as a result.

Some say I am a midwife for the soul/Divine Mother to embody. I think that is a nice analogy, and I hope to train many such midwifes. By midwifing our Divine Mother into our personalities we can birth in our more authentic selves.

siri_sat_DMThe Bigger Context

Of course naming this energy “The Divine Mother” brings up many more questions, and I will address these in future blogs. How do the divine feminine and the Divine Mother overlap? Is this Shakti? Why are you calling the soul “The Divine Mother?” Where does the Higher Self fit in? Shiva? God? If we each have our own Divine Mother, is there also a cosmic Divine Mother? What about her many faces, such as Kali?

At the moment let’s just leave it at this, that the reason I call this energy The Divine Mother is because it is so profoundly nurturing, personal, and we each have our own. When we ask that high Divine energy of ours to come to us for healing, we are profoundly mothered. The more we embody Her traits, the more we become them, and that brings priceless healing to the world.

For those of you experienced working with the chakras, here’s a photo, on the left,  to leave you with. The diamond of light at the top is what I would call the emanation of a person’s Divine Mother (and the cobra is the Higher Self).  In a healing I usually see the Divine Mother over the table, as depicted above, as well.


By Annie B. Bond, founder of The Divine Mother Center.

Contact Annie for a Divine Mother healing at 845-876-4252, or via email at anniebbond @ gmail.com


  • Marcia Ellis

    Hi Annie…I’m interested in your Divine Mother healing… Do you ever travel to Arizona??

    August 11, 2015
    • Annie Bond

      Let’s make it happen! I would love to go to Arizona. If we can get enough clients, I’ll be there!

      November 8, 2015

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