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The Trinity Activations and Scans

The Divine Mother

Divine Mother healings are based on energy healing techniques but go further, to incorporate a person’s own master healer, their Soul. Calling this energy of the person their “Divine Mother,” I work with sound and energy, while always at the direction of their Soul. I have identified the Divine Mother this way because of how the energy feels: the experience of love, deep understanding and nurturance from one’s soul is profound.

It is a thrill to introduce The Trinity Activations, a technique that evolved from the context of this work and is resulting in powerful and alchemical transformation from the person’s Divine Mother, Divine Father, and Divine Child.

Receive “The Trinity Activations”

The Divine Mother
The Divine Father  
The Divine Child

Healing modalities from all over the world have looked to balancing the male and female/yin and yang energies as the greatest healing modality of all. It is in activating the energy of the healed mother, healed father and healed child in our chakras that an alchemy happens, a spark of light that births the divine child into our physical reality. We become whole, true to who we really are.

I will activate your Soul’s own divine trinity of the healed mother, father and child energies, to create this alchemy.  I’ll connect to your infinite Soul, which holds the space for this energy to clear long-held energy blocks and damage to allow the increase of prana/chi, and authenticity.

Chakra and Trinity Scans

Chakra Scan: I will do a scan of your chakras at the beginning and the end of the healing. I use a scale from 1-10, 10 being the strongest. This will gauge your emotional health, just like a CAT scan might gauge your physical health.

The Trinity Scan: With the activations, I will use a pendulum to dowse how much of each of the Divine Mother, Divine Father is needed, and how much of the Divine Child is present. This will tell a story. In the first healing there is generally a strong need for one or the other, or both, of the Divine Mother and Divine Father. Over time, as you receive enough of the Divine Mother and Divine Father energy, the amount needed from them will decrease, and the Divine Child will increase–be birthed– as you evolve and become more of your true, authentic nature.

When you needed the most Divine Mother and Divine Father the percentages on the scan of the Divine Child may have been low, even zero. As those needs of healed parenting are fulfilled, the Divine Child can be birthed. The seed sprouts and grows into a full plant because it has enough soil (Mother Earth) and sun (Father Sun).



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