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What to Expect in a Divine Mother Healing

Divine Mother healing

Words can’t begin to express the actual healing experience,” writes a cancer patient of Annie Bond’s. “But, it is an out-of-body experience where I feel very safe, protected and filled with warmth and love.” Author Lois Walden adds, “I experience Annie Bond as an extraordinary healer who taps into the primordial, the innate worlds and brings their healing energies into my physical, emotional, and mental bodies with a genius the likes of which I have seldom, if ever encountered.”

What to wear? Whatever clothes you are comfortable in. You will lie on your back fully clothed on a massage table, under a sheet or blanket, and will be asked to remove your shoes.

The healing room is a protected and sacred space, a place of renewal. An energy healing session is an hour, to an hour-and–a-half, time-out to recilibrate, release the old that is holding you back, and to open to healing energy.

Initially, most people want to hear a bit about the healing techniques I will use, so I tell about my background and what to expect. Afterwards, I will ask you to tell me about yourself, and areas in particular you would like me to look into. Share what you would like me to focus on, and if you’d rather I just enter into the healing and discover what I see, that is fine, as well. Since I am particularly clairvoyant, it is helpful to have some background about possible trauma you have experienced, as it will help me fit the energetic pieces together from what I “see,” but this is not necessary.

I “see” a wide array of issues. Inner children, past lives, neurosis, disease, blocked chakras, the need for soul retrievals, black/mucky energy, clear and healed chakras, the need for prana to be rebooted in the chakras (very common after chDM_rattleemotherapy, some disease and pharmaceuticals), depleted and even caved in energy, broken hearts, loss and anxiety. I also see grace and harmony, peace and sanctity. Every Divine Mother healing is different, and all are beautiful. It is always a privilege to work with people on this energetic level.





I will ask if you are comfortable with the literal aspect of hands-on healing. While I will never put a hand on the first, or root chakra, I will ask permission to touch the body elsewhere, such as putting a hand on the heart chakra. If you aren’t comfortable with this, I can easily work “off” of the body.

healing tableBefore the session, I always recite an invocation to ask for unconditional love and grace for you, and a healing in your highest and most profound good. I thoroughly ground myself and connect to a place of high vibration from which to facilitate the healing, and from there I connect to the very high energy of your infinite soul – or Divine Mother – asking it/Her to come in on your behalf.

After the invocation, I generally tend to be at the foot of the table, with my hands holding the bottom of your feet, and from there connect to your Divine Mother, who I usually see as a light about 3-4′ over the table. At some point, I will tell you out loud about Her energy, the attributes that I discern. This will help you identify the energy for yourself in the future. Examples could be, “an energy of expanded consciousness, like the sky, with an infinite tender compassion that is in service to others,” or “a ball of vibrant white light that has the attributes of real sweetness, a joy in giving to others and a clear awareness of how to help.”

A key part of the healing are The Trinity Activations, activating the Divine Mother, Divine Father, and Divine Child in each chakra. This creates an alchemy that merges the soul with the physical body with profoudn results. I will create a report about how much of each energy you need, as it will tell a story about you and where to go in the future.

I will also do a chakra scan at the beginning and the end of the healing, and dowse the health of your charkas on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the strongest.

You will receive both reports at the end of the healing.

The rest of the healing tends to be quiet, outside of possible use of a singing bowl, rattle, or using my voice to “sound” out an energy. You can have your eyes open or closed, although most prefer to have their eyes closed.

DM_bowlsDuring the time that I hold the space at your feet while your Divine Mother sends in healing, I track the developments until I am shown something I can do to help, at which point I bring in my toolbox of energy healing techniques to use, depending on the circumstances. I’ll work on all or none of the chakras during this time, depending on what is required. I always stay connected and guided by Her, as that energy holds the deepest wisdom for you.

At the end of the healing I will give a significant squeeze to your forearm. After that I will tell you what I “saw.” This part of the session can last for at least 15 minutes. I will record this part of the healing on VoiceRecord and email it to you before you are out of the room!

Spiritual healing is a process and often after a first healing people can have dramatic changes due to the liberation of energetic issues that have never before been addressed. Others feel subtle changes. Those who continue with a series of healings over time experience many layers of cleansing and releasing, as well as profound energetic shifts.


By Annie B. Bond

Call Annie to schedule an appointment at 845 – 876 – 4252.





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