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HeartMind Healer School

The centerpiece of becoming a good healer is being in “heart mind,” that still point where your ego is still and your personality is out of the way so that you can be a true channel of healing. This still point is what Yogi Bhajan called “Shuniya,” and a most elevated state of consciousness.

The top priority of my teaching students to become healers is to help them reach heart mind.  I focus on this rigorously, thoroughly and consistently. If not in heart mind when giving a healing, then the ego and personality inserts lower vibration insights and dictums.

Recognizing this teaching priority, I have decided to change the title of my healer school to HeartMind Healer School. I still will teach the Divine Mother modality as an aspect of the school, as it is deep and true, but I want to empower students to become the best healers they can be. Once they come into mastery of HeartMind they can then become as eclectic as they choose,whether it be for personal growth, to build or enhance their healing practice.

The school is fundamentally the same, rich with tools, personal growth, expansion of your intuitive gifts, and more. I’m in love with the divine mother modality and hope my students will be, too, but the certification is about becoming a good healer and then you choose.

Experience a Healing: I am giving anyone interested in the school a complementary healing and time to discuss the school with me personally. I can do this via distance if more convenient.

Request from Me: I’ve a full syllabus available.

Email or Call Me: Please call with any questions, to set up a healing, or request a syllabus! Anniebbond @ gmail . com  845/876-4252

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  • Diane Kend

    I look forward to connecting further !! 🙂 💗💗💗💗💗

    August 11, 2017

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