The Trinity Activations – Overview

The Trinity Activations

A part of The Divine Mother Modality

On an Infinite Soul level there is a perfect balance of the male and female. Yin/Yang. We were born from this. From this balanced polarity in our soul– our own divine mother and divine father, as it were –came a spark of light and we as their divine child were born. You could call this divine child the “Higher Self” for this particular lifetime.

Call this grouping your Holy Trinity: Your soul’s Divine Mother, Divine Father, and the Divine Child for this lifetime. This is in the etheric realms.

The “birthing” of this divine child, or Higher Self, sets in motion our physical birth on the planet and we manifest as a human child birthed to a human mother and father. This is the realm of the/your Human Trinity

The Holy Trinity and the Human Trinity

Think of the holy and human trinities as nested dolls. One doll — the human trinity — is the person we are on the planet, with bones and flesh, with a mother and father, the human trinity. The other doll – the holy trinity — is our etheric body that holds the soul’s trinity, within energy channels. Both trinity’s connect and interweave, more or less, depending on the degree of blockage. The you with bones and flesh carries emotional trauma and wounding that you have experienced that hasn’t been healed or resolved. The you of the etheric body carries the immense healing power of the soul.

The goal of the Divine Mother work and The Trinity Activations is to bring these two realities together, to merge them so that one can become a healed and fully realized self, carrying one’s own divinity on the planet. Is there anyone who wasn’t born to unhealed mothers and unhealed fathers, and we then became an unhealed child?

The Trinity Activations Technique

With The Trinity Activations the healer is able to fill the depleted or unfilled needs of the internalized human mother and father and child. Just like a seed sprouts and thrives with enough Father Sun and Mother Earth, so too, our authentic nature can blossom with enough of the healed mother and healed father.

The divine mother, father, and child, are activated in every chakra — and different parts of the energy body when needed — and by doing so there is an alchemical spark of light that brings clearing and a flow of healing energy to wash away the trauma and wounds of the unhealed human trinity. The process brings a profound embodiment of the holy trinity into the human trinity, a weaving in of the healing love of the light body.

Some clients have gaping mother or father wounds resulting in a bottomless empty well that needs to be filled with their soul’s love. Others need just a small amount. All strengthen as a result of the inflow of unconditional love that they didn’t receive enough of. The internal balance of yin and yang is a wonderful healing result as well, one heralded in many holistic health modalities.

Over and over I meet the checked out, shut down inner child in my clients. The client’s childhood homes didn’t support their staying connected to their soul and Higher Self.  The sensitive, intuitive girl had to give over to a stronger brother; the creative, insightful boy to his micromanaging mother.

We all have different scenarios in our early childhood that worked to disconnect us to our own inner source of unconditional love.

I’ve now given a few thousand Trinity Activations. The beautiful, if not astonishing, experience, is that the activations hold. Once this unconditional love is re-introduced, it doesn’t leave. Sometimes the healing is breathtaking in how profoundly it rejuvenates.

There has been much nuance in the modality since I have been working with it. A client might be very, very resistant to their divine mother, for instance, even if they only need a little bit, and once that resistance is dissolved their life turns around. The energy body expects the controlling birth mother’s energy (or the cruel female teacher from second grade), for example, and it takes awhile for their system to allow the healed mother energy to come in and dissolve that.

All the needs that are filled in the Trinity Activations tell a story, and that story is the song-line of the clients’ journey through this and other lifetimes. This modality can be a key to unpacking some of the suffering, a key to finding wholeness.

The Trinity Activation process is in no way designed to dishonor the parents or caregivers.  In fact, I think the suffering caused by these relationships is a part of agreeing to incarnate onto the planet, as deep and powerful lessons are learned as a result.

The Divine Mother healings go on to bring this same yin/yang balance to the energy body, and when the torus, especially, is filled with missing healed father or mother energy, a person’s life stabilizes and boundaries hold.

Sometimes a person needs the healing in their hara. Sometimes their torus. Sometimes their emotional body, sometimes their High Heart. My goal is to help a person birth into their own divine self and this modality offers a path.

It has been one of the gifts of my life to bring this modality forward — to myself, my family, my clients, my students. It is full of grace and brings beautiful renewal for all.

Some Examples

* One woman was severely depleted in the divine feminine. Her mother was a highly critical and manipulative, mean person. The great irony is that the woman’s own divine feminine energy was all loving kindness and full of unconditional love.

* Another woman had a loud and aggressive Italian father who hit her when she was a child. She was severely depleted in the divine male.

* A woman who had long since had the Trinity Activations was really stuck in her life, and I found that she had a lot of resistance to her own divine child, to the unhealed child reluctant to be in the world. The healing removed the blocks to her divine child and she began to thrive.

* Another met her divine father – a total opposite of her dissolute birth father.

* One person had balanced male female energies in his first and second chakras and he didn’t need much. But from the 3rd up he was profoundly deplete in the divine feminine. It turned out his mother had died when he was 9 ) and had been sick for years with cancer) and after she died there were not women around for his developmental growth of the upper chakras. He was a client who chose not to tell me anything before getting on the table (sometimes this was a test) and I was hard-pressed to understand the schism between his lower and upper chakras and all I could think of outside of possession of some sort, was that he lost a main caregiver.

*Another had no protection from the mother, who allowed extreme abuse under their watch. The client was profoundly deplete in the healed mother – 90% in the heart chakra.

One client came back to see me for the first time a few years after she had The Trinity Activations. The Activations had held but she was feeling very stuck. Here I found that she was very resistant to her own divine child, who was still stuck in old human programming from deep in her childhood. I asked to see the resistance and asked her soul and Higher Self to heal the resistance, and all then flowed.

By Annie Bond, founder of The Divine Mother Modality and the HeartMind Healing School


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